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Speed Enforced by Aircraft -Poetry by Richard Peabody


Speed Enforced by Aircraft


A new collection of poetry by Richard Peabody


Nominated for the National Book Award and The Pulitzer Prize!

Rick Peabody's latest collection of poetry is a testament to the many facets of his career. Though Peabody is a writer, poet, publisher, editor and long-time literary maven who has dedicated a large part of his own life to promoting other writers, especially young and/or emerging writers, this one-time wunderkind of American letters’ own style has matured and his work has taken on a depth and complexity, and the richness of a fine vintage.


— The Publisher


“Rick Peabody’s work embraces the world. As a generous lifelong champion of poetry, he is peerless. Here in his own poems, he rides his love of language, (“the word ‘Loggia’ turns me on”;) to meet friends, family, strangers, students, urban detritus, pine forests, history, jealousy, love, war, moral failings and moral outrage without compromise. “War movies never get it right. The audience would never stomach the truth,” he writes. In Speed Enforced by Aircraft, Rick Peabody presents the world with artistry and gravity, as well as his characteristic wit. Here is a fresh look at what makes a big embracing life. Cherish this book..” — Beth Joselow


“Rick Peabody is a master of the quotidian, a keen observer and, fortunately, a poet who records what most people fail to see, or simply ignore as unimportant. His art is in his artlessness. He does not seek to dazzle--though his images remain or return long after the poem is read and set aside. Likewise, certain lines are so plainly, yet with authority, set down like great eternal truths. These are fine, well-wrought poems that are a pleasure to read and then let tumble around in the brain--polishing.” — H. A. Maxson


“Richard Peabody writes poetry as if every day could be his last. With no time for waste or empty prettiness, he cuts straight to the chase every time. By turns tender, tragic, and elegiac, these large-hearted, achingly human poems take my breath away, deliver necessary lessons about loving and losing and loving again. This is a brave and beautiful collection.” — Rose Solari


“In a voice witty and poignant, these poems address aging. Peabody embraces the indignities of fatherhood, rails against the lessons of war, and outgrows his own father—and in the process, he drags himself memorably into maturity. In his distinct and unforgettable style, Peabody embraces ‘the complicated software of the heart.’” — Kim Roberts

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