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Domain of the Lower Air by Maryanne Khan


Domain of the Lower Air

 a collection of short fiction by

 Maryanne Khan


(National Book Critics Circle Award Nominee)



Maryanne Khan was born in Canberra, Australia, and has lived in Milan, Chicago, Brussels, Rome and Washington D.C., before returning to Australia. Her second home is in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Her prose and poetry have been published in anthologies and literary journals in the United States and Australia. Her novel, Walking to Karachi, won a 2008 Varuna/HarperCollins Award.


“What if Clarice Lispector and Robert Walser spawned a love child obsessed with super-natural cargo cults? Would she step as lightly between good and evil as Maryann Khan does in these eight secular tales of faith, loss, death, disappointment, and lies? Herein, fear of change fuels naïve or shipwrecked characters (insurance cheats, veggie bitches, artists, ghosts, bad Santas, and other survivors), who inhabit exquisitely detailed ‘Our Towns’ in Italy, Australia, and the American South. Khan’s magical creations dance on the proverbial head of a pin, and they dance beautifully.”

-- Richard Peabody, Editor, Gargoyle Magazine

ISBN 978-0-9826030-4-8

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