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Constructing Fiction


Constructing Fiction

Jamie Brown

Constructing Fiction is a gift to the young or would-be writers of short stories and novels. In plain, no-nonsense prose, Jamie Brown takes the reader for a walk through the world of fiction writing—avoiding the alleys and dead-end streets that so often lure new writers with promises of shortcuts. Here is advice that all writers—those young in the work, and old hands—can actually use.

— H. A. Maxson

Constructing Fiction is a must for green writers looking to cut their teeth with short fiction, especially for those who over-think their prose, their process. From notes on character names to telling the author to trust the subconscious and “to get out of the way,” Brown, like Frank O'Hara, dares the writer to go “on your nerve.”

— Scott Whitaker (NBCC)


ISBN 978-0-9826030-8-6

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