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Exile at Sarzanna By Laura Brylawski-Miller


Exile at Sarzanna


a collection of poetry by


Laura Brylawski-Miller


There is a firmly rooted sense of place in the poetry of Laura Brylawski-Miller, and the reader is likely to find him-or-herself in that place in their own head where similar images are locked away. That these are resonant places which fill each reader with a new way of seeing, a new perspective, is merely part of the mystery. That we are human and merely links in the long chain of human history are brought alive for us in her recalling of a line from Dante, armed with the just-purchased food for dinner, food, in Italy, such as Dante himself may have eaten, and thoughts which Dante himself expressed.


If they appear to be small poems – with few epic themes or grand emotional bombast, they are nonetheless poems that describe a frozen moment, a moment under the glass slide of the microscope and ready for her inspection, that define the human condition for her as clearly as a slice of the human heart does for a forensic biologist. So much poetry sits on the page, without breath, without life, words without price, lines that exact no cost – not so the poetry of Laura Brylawski-Miller. Grace Cavalieri says of her that “Poetry needs her, as she awakens the beauty in language and lifts it from sleep.” Galileo might also have added of her poetry, “E pur si muove.” "And yet it moves."

ISBN 978-0-9826030-5-5


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