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That Deep & Steady Hum by Mary Anne Larkin


That Deep & Steady Hum


a collection of poetry by


Mary Anne Larkin

Mary Ann Larkin’s poetry is deceptively uncomplicated, with a flow like the deeper current of water or the hum of low-voltage electricity. Her work is as simple as that of Robert Frost was, which is to say not at all. Her work is as domestic as the Goddess Diana and as warlike as the goddess Demeter; her work is honest, but not blunt, uncompromising, but not confrontational, fearless, yet humble. The echoes of an ancient world run through her work, even that work which is pointedly modern. If Rhiannon were to read it, she would see much of herself in these poems.

Larkin is the author of five prior chap-books of poetry. Much of her work has been published in Poetry Ireland Review, New Letters, Poetry Greece, and in a score of anthologies, including America in Poetry and Ireland in Poetry, both published by Abrams. In the 1970's, she cofounded the Big Mama Poetry Troupe, a group of feminist poets who performed from Chicago to New York. She has been able to support herself with her writing, supplementing her income as a fund-raiser and a teacher, most recently at Howard University. In collaboration with Patric Pepper she co-founded the Pond Road Press. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, she divides her time between Washington, DC and North Truro, on Cape Cod.


ISBN 978-0-9826030-2-4



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