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The Homestead Poems by Gary Hanna


The Homestead Poems

Poetry by Gary Hanna

On the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Rehoboth Art League

“Tell me a tale / of days that have been, / but look to the stars / to get past the hours,” Gary Hannah writes in “Skating on Water.” These poems look through the lens of history—both personal and collective—by means of the immediate details of the present. The love for the exact charms me: the objects, seasons, beaches, towers, screen doors, birds, crabs, and flowers. It is the unseen, though, that finally holds me, the backdrop of the lonely human mind, the individual longing, both for the past and for what we wish and hope to understand and be in the present. These poems are lovers of life. They are a pleasure to read. –Fleda Brown

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