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Necessary Myths (Dogfish Head Poetry Prize Winner 2013)


Poetry by Grant Clauser

Winner  of the 2013 Dogfish Head  Poetry Prize!

Grant Clauser knows where the bodies are buried (or not buried). At times startling and unflinching, his poetry confronts the worst in us and along the way discovers language freshly marked by compassion. “Twitter loves a failure,” he writes with characteristic directness and wit. He finds sources of renewal in images of streams, rivers, and the “gossiping” of springs—and speaks up boldly, memorably, and disarmingly for the guilty and the innocent alike.

—Lee Upton, author of Swallowing the Sea: On Writing & Ambition, Boredom, Purity & Secrecy


In "Necessary Myths" Grant Clauser focuses on little things that together gather energy to create a strong sense of place and drama. In his short poem, "Yin Garden," this: "And somewhere out in the yard/the dandelions wound their tails/around their neighbors’ throats/killing off the wild sage/then launching their feathery/seeds into the wind." This is what we experience in poem after poem, this energy, this changing, this launching. It is a well-wrought collection, and I am pleased to recommend it.

—Harry Humes, author of Butterfly Effect and Underground Singing


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