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Postcard from Bologna


Poetry by Howard Gofreed

Howard Gofreed’s voice is egalitarian and inviting, each poem an invitation to overhear a man reflect on his experiences – war, children divorce, lustings, the past, the everyday comings and goings – in a tone that is often wryly comic and sceptical but always empathic.

—Merrill Leffler (author of Mark the Music )

Howard Gofreed's Postcard from Bologna contains personal poems with both violence and ache at their center. Gofreed looks war, loneliness, and age in the face and dares to keep on going. There's courage in these poems, and humor too, and Gofreed doesn't back down from a fight. "There will always be hostages," he writes about Iran and his own health, and he's right; sometimes the hostages of our horrible acts are our loved ones, and our own damaged hearts.  — Scott Whitaker (Author of The Black Narrows )



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