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charmed life -- Chapbook # 1 in the Key Poetry Series (Second Series)


Poetry by Buck Downs -- Chapbook # 1 in the Key Poetry Series (Second Series)

I don't know if Buck Downs leads a charmed life—literally—but there's something exceedingly lucky—felicitous—happy— ;about the way he lays down these poetic telegrams of twenty-first-century experience in Charmed Life. The reader swoops along on Downs's burst of coy and cunning language, "drifting like old- / fashioned / radio signals" through the perennial—but here freshly revivified—territories of love, sex, music, everyday living. These poems will charm your socks—hell, maybe even your pants—off: "don't change / your mind / for me, // not if / you grind / for me." — Mark Scroggins (author of  The Poem of a Life: A Biography of Louis Zukofsky )


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