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FLUX QUANTA -- Chapbook # 6 in the Key Poetry Series (Second Series)


Poetry by James Michael Robbins  -- Chapbook # 6 in the Key Poetry Series (Second Series)

"Robbins is a poet at play in the fields of science and economics. Stardust/change/flux are the rule(s) of the day. Philosophy is Dali’s moustache. Language, shot through the Large Hadron Collider into Bartleby’s wall, arrives at mythic abstraction -- 'The Isthmus of Optimum Profit,' or the 'Ocean of Consequence,' or the 'Sea of Perpetual Waste,' where 'an enigma of meaning crawls toward its corresponding dilemma to be born.'

He’s not the first to intertwine language and science via exploratory poems, but he sure has a good time."

— Richard Peabody, editor, Gargoyle Magazine


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