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On Gannon Street


Exquisitely made, lyrical, yet unprententious,... On Gannon Street evokes the complexities of a black neighborhood and its relationship with a sole white resident, with all the poignance of a novel, but with a gifted poet's miraculous economy.  We know these characters, their dreams, frustrations, acts of ordinary kindness, in all four dimensions, but above it all there's a visionary fifth dimension hovering, showing a wisdom and imagination of the highest order, making Ganon SAtreet a place not to be missed in anyone's tour of America.

-- Alan Feldman, author of Immorality

Mary Ann Larkin’s poetry is deceptively uncomplicated, with a flow like the deeper current of water or the hum of low-voltage electricity. Her work is as domestic as the Goddess Diana and as warlike as the goddess Demeter, honest, but not blunt, uncompromising, but not confrontational, fearless, yet humble. The echoes of an ancient world run through her work, even that work which is pointedly modern.

-- Jamie Brown, Publsher



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