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Silence, Interrupted -- Chapbook # 1 in the Key Poetry Series (Third Series) Named Best Book of Verse 2015 Delaware Press Association


Silence, Interrupted  -- Chapbook # 1 in the Key Poetry Series (Third Series)

Poetry by Jim Bourey

Jim Bourey’s  Silence, Interrupted  is a superb collection of poems that raise a cry/bringing others in/ to savor the wintry meal.  His poems resound with passion, compassion, inventiveness, and intelligence.  Jim reminds the reader, when spring’s melting/arrived there was less silence. /  Noise was welcomed.  These poems deliver noise.  Jim teases the reader, wants to hear/your poet’s voice as if we’re in/ the same room, drinking together with urgency.  These poems do not reminisce or drift in sentimental tides.  These poems listen to neighbors talking loudly at two-thirty in the morning.  But do not be misled, these poems are not white noise –  these poems break silence. 

— Michael Blaine, author of Brackish Water


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