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Matchstick & Bramble -- Chapbook # 2 in the Key Poetry Series (Third Series)


Poetry by Lucy Simpson -- Chapbook # 2 in the Key Poetry Series (Third Series)

Lucy Simpson’s poems are full of windows, and she takes her readers through these windows into worlds where a woodworker’s daughter plays a fiddle made from a branch of Eve’s tree and witches drink pennyroyal for whisky. Simpson’s poems retell and reinvent the tales we remember or half-remember, blending mythology, biblical heroes and demons, the Brothers Grimm and girls falling like brides in the Triangle Factory fire. Her poems transport us and guide us--both a heady bottle of “Drink me” and a map in a bottle. She leads us into and out of the dark woods, and to follow her Riding Hood still bloody in exodus from the wolf’s belly is to know the word wonderful.

Kelly Riggle Hower – Seattle Public Schools Teacher – Poet – Winner of the Richard Hugo House Poetry of Place


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